Pakistan’s First Carpoolying Service

Carpoolyn is Pakistan’s first online commuting marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats in their cars to passengers/co-travelers in order to make travel accessible to everyone within the budget. Carpoolyn aims to target the market needs for social safety, affordability, and sustainability and to make people who are heading the same way travel together. Its ride-sharing service enables people to experience new ways of transportation.

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Vision & Mission Statement

Carpoolyn has the vision of focusing on the provision of better commuting services and contributing to a healthier less polluted environment. Its mission is to facilitate customers with the most advantageous way of traveling experience. Providing our services to move in the city and out city with verified drivers enhances the change of affordable sociable and convenient commuting. These environmental and human-friendly mobility systems save our planet from global warming and help to keep our atmosphere clean.

Vision & Mission Statement
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After getting a complete review of issues and solutions carpoolyn has provided salient features that its competitors in the market. In the passenger interface, there are the following features a rider can enjoy:

Features For Rider


Contact driver


View Driver Details


Fare Estimation


Cancel Booking


Notification Alerts




Ladies Only Option


In-App Chat


Trip History


Ride Later


Estimated Arrival Time


Book Rides


Social Logins


Rate driver

Features For Driver






Trip Information


Driver Dashboard


Contact Passenger


Track Earnings


Start/End Trip




Help & Support

So carpooling app is one of the best solutions to traffic congestion and many other traveling problems nowadays. Its competitive advantages and features make this app exclusive to pursue rides like Women only rides, Pricing strategy, Verified drivers Convenient services.

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Problem Identification

Being an entrepreneur to introduce new ideas or modify an idea in the market is compulsory to understand the market and identify the problems for which you are going to place your product and solutions.

Carpooling or ride-sharing app is considered to be Pakistan’s first traveling app as a future of mobility. Many countries around the globe have experienced massive traffic jams in the past years.

One of the longest traffic jams occurred in august 2010 in Beijing, China for 12 days and it happened not due to any natural disaster but because of too many vehicles congesting the Beijing-Tibet expressway.

A few problems Carpoolyn has identified to tackle in the market are the following:

  • Traffic congestion is a major issue, a single ride for a single passenger enhances the traffic, and carpoolyn meets this issue with ride-sharing apps to the same destination.
  • People using rides on a daily basis can be a burden on their pocket, carpoolyn undertakes this issue and provide the best option of the ride-sharing app to reduce the expense.
  • Social safety is another major concern, especially for females, and this issue can be reduced with an exclusive option of gender identification and an exclusive ride-sharing option in carpoolyn.
  • Particular routes are necessary for daily going people, this issue is tackled by carpoolyn by offering routes along with other solutions for ride-sharing and social safety.
  • Being on time is an important concern, due to other issues like traffic congestion this issue ultimately occurs, reducing the transit time is another concern to solve by carpoolyn.




Carpoolyn Is providing services keeping in mind the required solutions to provide in the market which include affordability, social safety, and environmental friendly for a healthier environment, along with these here are some benefits of the carpoolyn app:

  • Make Your Routine Commuting Social
  • Travel With Authorised Co-Travelers
  • Switch Roles as a Driver or Passenger in the Same App Anytime
  • Charge Per Seat
  • Share Fuel Cost
  • Travel with Verified Co-Travelers
  • Choose To Share The Ride Only with Females Or Males
  • Use Carpoolyn For Free
  • Only Share The Ride When You Want To
  • Drive Safely With Real-time Location Tracking
  • Get 24/7 Customer Support

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