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HubexTech provides outstanding services for building websites and applications according to the specified requirements. We focus on companies of all sizes as bespoke PHP development firms, providing a range of services. Our PHP developers can create robust, secure, and reliable custom PHP solutions. We are experts in a range of frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Yii. We develop solutions to improve user experience, optimize performance, and enhance efficiency.

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PHP Development Company

How Does The PHP
Development Company Help You?

We understand the business and technical requirements and adapt the latest technology trends to deliver high-quality PHP software solutions that meet the need and exceed expectations. At HubexTech, our developers are well-versed in all the latest technologies including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more. We use industry-leading tools and frameworks to ensure that clients are completely satisfied with PHP solutions. We take time to understand your business process and continue the journey of PHP web development with a thorough development process. We pay attention to PHP-based development and continuously train our developers for performance optimization.

  • We scale all types of businesses with customized PHP software solutions
  • Streamline business operations, increase efficiency, and optimize.
  • We utilize PHP app development services, so businesses can boost the bottom line and improve financial performance.
  • We provided Application deployment, testing, and maintenance. PHP programming services provide ways to integrate with other technologies and services.
 PHP Development Services

PHP Development Services

The server-side scripting language PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular choice for creating websites. Our PHP development service extensively covers multitier web server architecture design, development, configuration, and optimization. PHP development by HubexTech includes a range of services and provides promising object-oriented outcomes. The following is a list of frequent PHP development services:


PHP Backend Development

HubexTech provides cutting-edge services for PHP backend development with the help of PHP programming language. Our PHP developers are experts in coding and scripting server-side logic using frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, and CakePHP. It provides efficient and secure data storage and retrieval.


Custom PHP Web Development

Our custom PHP development services include building unique and tailor-made websites and web applications for clients. We analyze the business requirements for building them into technical outcomes with personalized specifications with optimization of performance and security.


PHP-Based E-commerce Solutions

We provide secure and cost-effective ways to create online stores via PHP-based E-commerce platforms. For a complete process from start to end, we assist in payment gateways, order management, inventory tracking, and feature customization like user dashboard, taxation, shipping system, and many more. All we do is provide a roadmap for boosting the business and running quickly without the need to invest in expensive hardware and software solutions.


PHP Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our PHP developers are experienced in developing PHP CMS websites and web applications. We create and manage to enable multi-user access to easily manage and update the content for their website without the need to know HTML or other programming languages. We provide technical support to ensure that your website or application remains secure, up-to-date, and functioning smoothly as PHP-based CMS apps take your business to the next level.


PHP Web Maintenance & Support

We assist the business from the prototype of custom PHP web development to launch but also provide maintenance and support. We ensure the website or application remains secure from vulnerabilities, implemented, up-to-date, bug-free, and functioning smoothly over time.


PHP Integration with Third-Party Systems

Our PHP development services also include providing custom API development and third-party Integrations for the additional capabilities and exchange of information between the server system. We efficiently provide ways to access databases, social media servers, and other external resources, allowing more efficient and secure data management.


PHP Performance Optimization

We perform analysis for a range of projects, similar to complex ones, for rapid PHP application development with optimized performance. We use services for the implementation of caching, database optimization, and server-side optimization. We identify performance issues through testing, then give potential solutions.


PHP Security Audits & Hardening

We provide comprehensive and thorough security audit and hardening services for PHP-based web applications. As a part of our standard services security measures, encryption implementation, code review, threat modeling, configuration review, testing, documentation, and access control is included in our expertise. We identify and remediate potential security risks and vulnerabilities in your PHP applications, and improve their overall security posture.

Our PHP Development Tech Stack

The technology stack for PHP development typically includes the following components:

Web Server

A software that processes client requests and returns responses over the Internet, such as Apache or Nginx.

PHP Extensions

Optional libraries and modules that provide additional functionality for PHP, such as GD (for image manipulation), URL (for sending HTTP requests), and others.


An optional framework that provides a set of libraries and tools for building web applications, such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony.

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Our PHP Solution


Custom API Development


Document Management




Intranet Solutions


Data Analysis



Our PHP Development Process

HubexTech, as a PHP development outsourcing company, from scratch to the PHP development lifecycle, assists to find future solutions and develop with the best PHP frameworks. We assure scalable, flexible, and efficient PHP web and mobile app development. Our developers put their programming, architecture planning, testing, performance optimization, hosting, and post-implementation support talents to use during the entire PHP development process. Our PHP development team performs the subsequential process to assist you

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Key Skills Our PHP Developers Have

Proficiency in PHP

Our PHP developers have a strong knowledge of PHP syntax, functions, and data structures, and are able to write clean, efficient, and well-documented code.

Familiarity with PHP Frameworks

Our Expert PHP developers are familiar with popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, and Symfony which help PHP developers to build more complex and scalable applications.

Understanding of Web Technologies

We have experienced PHP developers who have a strong understanding of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX, as well as experience with database management systems such as MySQL.

Debugging & Troubleshooting Skills

Our PHP experts have the ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues in a timely and effective manner.

Experience with Source Control Management

Experience with source control management systems such as Git is one of the essential skills of our PHP developers, as it allows them to collaborate with others, manage version history, and track changes.

Communication & Collaboration Skills

Good communication and collaboration skills are professional skills of our PHP developers, as they work as part of a team and are able to communicate effectively with project managers, designers, and other stakeholders.

Continuous Learning

The PHP ecosystem is constantly evolving, and our PHP developers are keen to continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, tools, and best practices.

Frameworks We Use in Our PHP Development Services

Acclaimed PHP web development framework Symfony is used to create modern web apps. It offers reusable components, libraries, and tools that help developers develop complex web apps quickly. Symfony is set up to optimize the development process with the automation of tasks like routing, authentication, and templating. It provides a development environment for debugging and testing applications. Because Symfony is accessible with a wide range of databases and web servers, programmers may simply design applications that are versatile.


The Model-View-Controller design pattern is used by the open-source PHP web framework Laravel. It has an expressive syntax and is built on Symfony. With Laravel, developers can create web applications that are modern, secure, and have a unified codebase. Additionally, Laravel provides robust tools to build powerful and secure web applications.


Yii is a PHP web application framework that is free to use and has a strong emphasis on speed as well as effectiveness. It enables developers to build modern web applications quickly and with ease. Yii adheres to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and offers features like form input validation, security, error handling, and caching. Its modular architecture makes it highly extensible, allowing developers to customize its functionality with built-in extensions or their own extensions. Additionally, Yii supports AJAX and RESTful APIs, making it ideal for developing web services and APIs.


Designed to hasten the development process, CakePHP is a free and open-source framework for PHP web applications. Model-view-controller (MVC) architecture is used, and it includes scaffolding, database access, validation, and authentication capabilities Developers can use CakePHP to build web applications rapidly and with minimal setup. CakePHP has a modular and flexible architecture that allows developers to extend their capabilities and create reusable code. It also supports AJAX, internationalization, and security features.


CodeIgniter is a PHP-based open-source web application framework that facilitates the development of dynamic web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. With CodeIgniter, developers have access to a simple and robust toolkit for building feature-rich web applications. Its powerful database abstraction layer and library of components make it easy to create web applications with an easy-to-use interface

for Your Project.

For your project, you are possibly seeking to engage a group of qualified professionals in PHP engineering. Our PHP developers have worked on a range of projects and are exceptionally talented and qualified. Our developers have expertise in developing custom PHP web applications, CMS, and eCommerce websites using PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, and Symfony. We also offer our services as outsourcing our vetted engineers for a variety of PHP development projects. You can hire and avail of this service with no obligation and can also find the estimation of your project.

Why Choose Us As Your Offshore PHP Development Company?

HubexTech is an Australian-based software development company offering offshore custom PHP development services for clients. We use advanced technologies such as AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, and HTML5 to create robust and user-friendly websites that are compatible with all platforms. We have a complete team of developers i.e. Full-Stack PHP developers, and Backend PHP developers, Frontend PHP developers, and QAs. We outsource these services globally to not only access new markets but also reach the goal of providing object-oriented and future-oriented software development services. Selecting offshore PHP development services subsequently provides the benefits of


Offshore Results in Cost Saving for Businesses


Established Quality Control Processes & Standards


Follow Different Time Zones


Offshore Provides The Opportunity to Businesses


Provides Businesses with a Flexible Workforce

Frequently Asked Questions
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Meet The People Who Have Trusted HubexTech

Giving our clients the greatest service is something that HubexTech is dedicated to doing. With our amazing software development consulting from conception to implementation, we have helped recognized businesses develop, introduce, and scale their great ideas into reality.

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The project management was excellent. Communication was clear, deliverables were met. Hubex has a strong methodology and adhered to it. The project manager always responded overnight to any questions or issues. They were very flexible with design changes and additions to the scope. Very amenable to our suggestions on design points.

Rick Eaton

Rick Eaton

One Jump
review profile review profile review profile review profile review profile

HubexTech team is prompt, responsive, reliable, and most importantly all are exceptional communicators. They routinely asked the right questions in order to ensure that the code to be developed was well thought out, and responsive to our users needs. Quick to think on their feet and to execute solutions to challenges as they arrive, and will give their 100% to each client.

Shiroy Aspandiar

Shiroy Aspandiar

Buck Palmer
review profile review profile review profile review profile review profile

Team HubexTech were great to work with for many months, they were very on-time with all the milestones and amazing quality of work. They went above and beyond my expectations for such a long project. Definitely will be working with them again!

Buck Palmer

Buck Palmer

review profile review profile review profile review profile review profile

Very professionally communicated, delivered, and successfully closed our project together. I'd hire them any chance I get, they helped salvage our product and transform it into a completely built out web platform for our company. Very knowledgeable in backend development with a growing arsenal as HubexTech seems to always be growing.

Usman Ahmad

Usman Ahmad

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HubexTech have got AMAZING developers, they got all my work done in half the time I thought it would take with no drop in quality. They makes sure you get what you want, and will not stop until their work is perfect. 10 would recommend this team to anyone who is looking for a quality and prompt work.

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HubexTech is able to develop and continually improve the online platform, much to the client's delight. The team strictly adheres to timeframes and feedback, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the vendor's timely deliverables.

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