Edtech Non-profit Organization with Technological Advancement for the First Generation

Momentum Education is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to offering educational opportunities, mentorship, scholarships, personalized assistance, and summer programs to empower first-generation and low-income students. The aim is to equip them with practical knowledge and skills, along with post-secondary education, that will help them succeed in their chosen career paths. Building a Leadership Academy is one of its objectives, which will offer students mentorship and support on an individual basis from high school through post-secondary education until they find employment.

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Vision & Mission Statement

The vision of momentum education is to create a movement to guarantee that every child has the chance to discover their ability. To ensure first-generation, low-income students enter and complete post-secondary education and enter the workforce, the mission is to provide learning experiences, mentorship, summer programs, scholarships, and individualized support.

Vision & Mission Statement

Tech Challenge

Following the objective and providing the best learning experience, a high-quality functional website was needed at the peak of Momentum Education.

  • The website of Momentum Education was not operational.
  • The issues were their legacy code was interrupted due to which their website was down, the language (Rails) was not up-to-date, and was running on an old version 4.0.
  • They wanted to rebrand their website as they could not go beyond a basic Wix design for edits and their search database was not fully functional.
Technicals Solutions

Technicals Solutions

Providing detailed solutions through application modernization and functional updates, Momentum Education is now able to provide its services at best. As we have designed, coded, and managed all aspects of their website. We first examined the website and after looking in the legacy code it was confirmed that the website needed most of the technological inventions later on we updated the language (Rails) due to which issues they were facing were resolved.

Redesigned the website properly and after that, we ensured that they have a functioning search algorithm. Now their students from & across Texas are using the Momentum Education website. Through Virtual Career Conversations with Career Professionals, students can now gain insights into various careers.

Similarly, Virtual College Information Sessions with Admissions Officers are helping students to discover new colleges and explore their options for higher education.

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