A Community-Concerned Project For Strong Bonds & Resilience Among Communities

The SSP community upholds and supports each person's existence and love. By providing volunteers with home repair knowledge and community-based initiatives, Sierra Service Project aims to foster strong bonds and resilience among communities. Communities can prosper and people can safely age in place by making required house renovations available to residents who have traditionally received less assistance. The extraordinary participation of youth and young adult volunteers is inherent in the purpose.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Sierra Service Project is to empower youth and young people to engage in meaningful, high-impact volunteer activity to revitalize low-income neighborhoods. It is possible for communities to flourish and for people to securely age in place by making required house renovations available to residents who have traditionally received less help. The specific participation of young people and volunteers is inherent in the goal.

Mission Statement

Problem Identification

The Sierra Service Project endeavors to empower young people to engage in community service to aid those who have limited access to assistance and resources. Although the organization has been active in its service efforts, the current demand and trend necessitate a more robust technological presence to increase awareness about its services.

  • The existing website was developed using an outdated version, which limits the functionality and incorporation of new features.
  • The website's design is also archaic, failing to meet contemporary trends.
  • Several factors are contributing to the web app's failure to meet requirements, which is impeding traffic.
  • The usage of outdated Rails versions exposes the website to security vulnerabilities and reduces its overall performance.
  • Additionally, certain unnecessary features hinder the web app's optimization, and anomalies in the database limit its data analysis, reporting, and database functionalities.


Upon conducting a comprehensive analysis, it was determined that a complete overhaul of the website was necessary to incorporate the latest versions and integrate new features that align with current trends. Several challenges were encountered during this process.

  • One such challenge involved the migration of the client's old data to our new system. To address this issue, we created rake tasks that enabled the seamless transfer of data to our new production database.
  • AnAnother obstacle we encountered was the integration of the client's new features into the existing user roles. To tackle this challenge, we conducted a thorough analysis of the new system features and requirements and developed SRS documents and case studies. We ensured that the integration of these features did not cause any disruptions in the existing features.
  • Another challenge we faced was optimizing the client's database by eliminating redundant tables and columns. To accomplish this, we utilized the ERD diagram approach to analyze the existing tables and required tables before commencing work on the project.


Due to an outdated version, several features of the system were not functional, particularly the Staff user roles, which included admin, liaison, counselor, and responsible adults. In order to address these issues and to keep up with current trends, we performed various updates and optimizations, including

  • Updating the Rails version from 6.0.0 to 7.0.4
  • Utilizing updated libraries
  • Implementing a sign-up process and form submission for counselors and responsible adults
  • Adding new features for liaisons such as group registration and sign-up
  • Redesigning the web app with a modern interface
  • Removing database anomalies that affected data analysis, reporting, and overall functionality
  • Optimizing the redundant tables in the database
  • Refactoring the code with efficient algorithms and compiler techniques
  • Optimized DB for increased performance and reduce the resources utilization on the databases serverOptimizing the database for improved performance and reduced resource utilization on the database server, and migrating data from the old system to the new one
  • We also provided support to the client in understanding and using the technical tools and technologies.

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