A well-being App. Designing ultra-tailored well-being solutions for individuals and businesses

The world’s first personal development program offers simple tools and techniques for mental well-being specifically for mothers and people suffering from some mental health issues. It is based on the story of its founder Hannah Hardy Jones, who has been extremely successful in changing the perception of people dealing with mental health problems by telling them her own life’s experience of coping with bipolar disorder. The Kite founder Hanna was inclined to offer a platform and provide ways to tackle mental health like she has experienced before and create hope.

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Goals of The Kite Program

The goal is to develop useful and significant solutions for those in need and to be able to donate to worthwhile causes and support worthwhile projects by providing this platform. Kite began as Kite for Mums, a novel initiative to promote maternal welfare. The Kite Program is proud of its efforts in this area and is always looking for new methods to assist more people who are dealing with particular mental health issues. By creating industry-specific apps, the kite program modifies solutions for organizations wanting to make a positive impact on well-being. The kite program's vision is to create meaningful and impactful solutions for people who need them.

Goals of The Kite Program

Problem Identification

The founder of the Kite Program found the lack of a digital wellness platform where like-minded people can land and find ways to mental well-being and also create hope by giving suggestions through the digital wellness app. On the way to having these issues, Hanna also decides to target different market segments. For which a website must be as smooth as to meet the industry's needs.

Even though the competitor market was providing a similar platform to some extent, the app for self-care and the app for mothers were still in need. Hanna made the decision to discuss all of these factors of personal development and advancement.

The Kite Program was in need of basic functions of business requirements. Being the mentorship site, the clients need some daily updates and notifications to be there regularly, but unfortunately, The Kite Program was missing some of these major features i.e. Custom-push, survey module, and edit-reminder. Along with many other functional barriers, (the admin panel required some additional changes) there were missing some permissions activities to admin, and panel functioning on both sides must work promptly. A business always requires reliability and authenticity as clients want to see to keep winning the race, for The Kite Program they wanted some of the interesting interfaces of the website by updating the dashboard features. Furthermore, technical faults can't be ignored as in The Kite Program, like mobile app crashes, and bug invalidity.

Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions

By analyzing the business requirements into technical requirements we played a prior role in achieving all the major requisites. We exerted our expertise after completing the examination of the source code by changing the old version of Ruby into an updated version of Ruby 3.0.0. and Rails into Rails 6.1.4. We changed the barrier of mobile applications by introducing Flutter instead of the native version. On client demand, we met his need by changing the admin permissions i.e. in-admin & super-admin, and also updated the validation of bugs to make sure of authenticity.

We get the complete study of the Kite and came to know that it needs to rename the existing features, add video and audio links to enhance the website traffic, along with the internal links, complete the missing features i.e. custom push notification, edit a reminder, and survey module, along with the dashboard functionalities. All the changes are checked by our professionals from time to time for the functioning algorithms.

The Kite Program has remained the compatible client at HubexTech solutions. Assisting with the challenges to the Kite program we also made sure to provide complete support and guidance in time until the complete implementation of the website.

We were able to achieve all the potential solutions and implementations with the help of our team of experts.

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